Singing in St. Joseph’s

3rd and 4th class made the trip to St. Joseph’s today, to perform some songs for a very special audience. They have been working very hard, after choosing some amazing songs to perform. They were so brilliant, they even had some of the residents up dancing! ‘Sweet Caroline’ was a crowd favourite, which was accompanied by Joshua and Eoin on their guitars.

Take a look at some pictures below!


We had some special entertainment today during our lunch break. The boys are practicing very hard for our performance in St. Joseph’s and decided to have their own ‘busking’ session during lunch. They were very popular judging by the amount of Monopoly money they received !!

Singing in St. Joseph’s

We are very excited to be singing for all the residents in St. Joseph’s Hospital. 4th class came up with some brilliant suggestions of songs to sing. We are practicing some of these songs, in the hope to put some smiles on the residents faces!

Here are the links to the songs we will be singing so they can be practiced at home. Although we don’t need to know these by heart, we do want to be confident when singing them!

Forest School

What a day!
We had so much fun down in St. Anne’s park for our day of forest school. We began the day with a game of manhunt, followed by a very competitive game of capture the flag – 4th class vs teachers! Unfortunately for the teachers, 4th class won. Maybe the teachers will have better luck next time!

We then worked hard (and got very mucky) at creating some dens for small animals. 4th class blew me away with their creativity. We had some dens which had football pitches, hot tubs and garages. We even had one den that was on the market for 1.5 million acorns!

Following this, we were hard hard at work at some nature maths and we created some art pieces inspired by Andy Goldsworthy. To finish off our day we did some ‘puddle jumping’ and spent some time in the playground.


Over the past few weeks, we have been working very hard at STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). We have completed a number of STEM projects, implementing the design and make process.

The children first identify the task, brainstorm possible ideas, make a plan, design their model, test it and finally, evaluate the process.

Take a look at some of our projects

Roman Aqueducts (theme of Italy)

We had lots of fun with this one – especially the testing stage!

Paper Chains

For this one, children worked in pairs to create the longest paper chain with one single piece of paper. These were then used to decorate our classroom for Christmas!

Elf on the Shelf

Finally, we created our very own elves on the shelves! This one was very tricky and sometimes we used plan B, C and sometimes D!

Bah Humbug!

We have gotten stuck into our concert for 2022 and 3rd and 4th class will proudly be presenting our own production of Bah Humbug.
We will be working very hard for the next few weeks and as part of our homework we will be working on our songs. Here are the songs and our lyrics are in our homework folders. Happy singing !

Song 1: Christmas Eve

Song 2: Bah Humbug

Song 3: He Was Jacob Marley

Song 4: Fezziwig’s Shindig

Song 5: Glad To Be A Chimney Sweep

Song 6: A Toast

Song 7: Dead and Gone

Song 8: Sleep Tiny Tim

Song 9: Greetings of the Season

Maths Week

Over the past week, 4th class have been participating in a number of maths activities and challenges to mark Maths Week 2022. They completed many problem solving activities, number of the day challenges and a maths trail, but I think the biggest hit was the escape room challenge! The children were trapped inside a ‘haunted’ house and they had to work together completing different maths challenges to escape. Luckily, everyone escaped and nobody was trapped inside!